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And if your hair growing up to 3 times faster?

HAIRBELL guarantees 6 results:

Your hair grows up to 3 times faster!,
Your hair is softer and shinier,
Your hair is larger,
HAIRBELL reduces hair loss,
HAIRBELL is effective on all hair types,
The effect HAIRBELL lasts several months.

This is proven with clinical tests we have done, up to 3 times HAIRBELL increases hair growth. In four months, your hair can grow much more than during the whole year!
Fed in depth, they are more beautiful, stronger and shinier.
Clinical trials

Testing conducted by Dr. Plantard CHU Limoges

PROTOCOL: Made with a representative sample of the French population over a period of 30 days, according to a method for measuring the length of the growing hair.

The summary table of results after 30 days shows:

Shoot up to 4.5 cm.
Shoot sample mean of 2.9 cm.

For reference, a normal hair grows an average of 1.5 cm per month.
Test kinetics hair growth

Test conducted by the independent laboratory Spincontrol

PROTOCOL: Made of 60 subjects representative of the French population over a period of 28 days, according to a method of measuring hair growth from the root.
Thirty subjects applied daily products and thirty subjects did not apply any hair treatment.

The conclusions appear in the group treated at a speed of hair growth from the root 123% higher than the mean value of the reference group.
Test consumers

Test conducted by the independent laboratory Spincontrol

PROTOCOL: Made of 60 topics, panelists attest:

Hair 83% stronger,
A faster hair growth 76%
Efficacy of hair growth 80%
Satisfaction with treatment: 90%

In conclusion, 95% of panelists who tested HAIRBELL have adopted and use it regularly!

Complete clinical trials are available on request from:

Our care HAIRBELL is a concentrate of naturally occurring proteins that help to shape the hair and its growth:

Hydrolyzed keratin,
Soy protein,
Excerpts from shell eggs.

The efficacy of this cocktail restructuring is further enhanced by the presence of Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), whose role is essential in the metabolism of proteins constituting the keratin of the hair.
Directions for use

We recommend using the shampoo HAIRBELL every 2 or 3 days, by depositing the value of a walnut wet hair. Lather by gently massaging the scalp to the tips of fingers without rubbing. Leave on for 3-4 minutes then rinse with warm water.

After shampooing, apply a dose of HAIRBELL balm on wet hair, massage lightly with fingertips to cover the entire head of hair. Leave for a few minutes then rinse.

Our HAIRBELL kit is suitable for treatment of one month at the rate of use 2 to 3 times a week.

TIP: do not hesitate to switch our shampoo with your shampoo or your usual care during your treatment, so as to continue to enjoy the benefits of the latter.

HAIRBELL - The speed of growth of your hair!
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